Julie McIntyre is a painter living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She grew up in the American Midwest at a time when, on long summer days, kids were allowed to roam and explore the far reaches of their world. This early freedom to be in nature – with its rambling creeks and open country, enchanting critters large and small – imbued her with a life-long sense of treasures to be found afoot and afield.

She earned a degree in art at the University of Wisconsin/Madison, and began her career as a graphic designer and art director in Boston and New York City. In 1988 she moved west to Wyoming to begin a new job with a well-established advertising and design agency in Jackson. From there, she has continued working in creative services with clients both local and global in reach.

Always engaged with nature and its ever changing seasons, and with the animals that live there – her subjects are varied and personal: the old cottonwood tree out back, a polar bear swimming in the moonlight, her cat daydreaming in the garden – these and other observations, experiences and souls inspire her work.

After a decades long hiatus, in 2007, Julie rededicated herself to painting. More paintings can be viewed at: getjuliedesign.com/Gallery/index.html

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